About the Founder

Fifteen years ago, my life unexpectedly changed when my mother, 68 years of age at the time, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  It did not take long for her to no longer be able to leave safely alone in her home.  Just back to work after a maternity leave, and with an infant child, I felt completely overwhelmed with how to keep my mother safe in her home and made the decision to move her into a residence.

I was completely lost as to how to proceed.  What type of residence was best for her now, and into the future?  How much did residences cost, and could she afford one?  What was the difference between private and public residences and which ones could I access immediately?  Were there any appropriate residences close to my home?

After a long, challenging, and stressful process, and after my mother was moved in and settled in her wonderful new residence, I vowed to find a way to help others going through the same situation, so that they could feel supported and secure in making the right decision for their loved-ones, and themselves.

Becoming a Housing Counsellor for seniors and their families was a calling for me and became my profession.  15 years later, I have helped close to 800 seniors, and their families, make a sound, informed decision, as they transition to a senior living residence.

At The Best Years, our goal is always to ensure that our senior clients feel comfortable with their Housing Advisor and with the process as we take this journey together, while saving the entire family countless hours of precious time and avoiding frustration and stress.  We achieve this using extensive knowledge and experience and with compassion, patience, and a great capacity to listen to our clients.

We treat every senior, every family, as if they were part of our own.