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Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Do we have to sign any contracts or agreements with you?2023-03-01T13:54:43-05:00

Never.  The only thing we ask of our clients, given our free of charge expertise, is that once they have decided to make use of our services, that they only work with one such referral company and also allow us to make initial contacts with senior residences on their behalf.  This allows us to offer the best possible service to our seniors and families.

What is the Tax Credit available to seniors who live in a senior’s residence and how can you help us with it?2023-02-01T13:58:21-05:00

The Quebec government offers all seniors over the age of 70 years and who live in a private senior’s residence, access to the Tax Credit for Home Support Services.  The amount a senior receives monthly is dependent on their revenue (in the case of independent seniors) as well as the amount of their monthly rent in the residences, including services such as meals, housekeeping, and personal care

We will help you better understand this important government subsidy and can even assist with the application process. For more information, you may consult the Revenue Quebec website

Tax Credit for Home Support Services for Seniors

Can you assist with terminating a lease in one’s current place of residence?2023-02-01T13:57:58-05:00

Absolutely.  We are well-informed on the rights of senior’s when terminating a lease to move into a senior’s residence.  We can provide you with the necessary documents to fill in and advise you on how to proceed.

Why should I seek the assistance of a Housing Counsellor rather than calling and visiting on my own? Here are some good reasons:2023-02-01T13:57:32-05:00


  • There are over 500 potential residences in Montreal and surrounding areas to have to choose from. Most of the clients come to us for our expertise because they feel overwhelmed by the options and don’t know where or how to start.
  • We eliminate having to deal with salespeople from multiple residences, insistent follow-up calls, lack of relevant, truthful information and reviews.
  • You will have access to an unbiased personal advisor, support system and witness to information being presented during visits. Your Housing Counsellor will be there even following your move to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your new living environment.
  • With access to the expertise of our many valued partners, we can refer our clients to complementary services that you may need to facilitate your relocation including home
How long does the process take from our initial contact with a Housing Counsellor?2023-02-01T13:57:05-05:00

This is largely dependent on the senior and their unique situation.  In more urgent situations, a relocation to the residence can take only a few days, sometimes even within a few hours.  Other relocations can take several months when there is a home to sell or an out-of-province move. We always work at the pace of our client’s comfort and need.

Are you able to refer us to a public or government run facility such as an RI or CHSLD?2023-02-01T13:56:36-05:00

Unfortunately, no.  Access to government run care facilities is facilitated by social services in Quebec, either through the CLSC/CIUSS or hospitals.  The wait list to get a bed or room in such environments is usually extremely long.  We can, however, bridge the gap with our referrals to private care residences, while seniors await their public placement.

Do you refer to all residences, or only select ones?2023-02-01T13:56:10-05:00

If a residence has a need and desire to work with Housing Referral companies, such as ours, we work with them!  We do not favour one over another. Our goal is always to only recommend and refer those residences that are best suited to our clients.

How are you able to offer your services at no charge to the families you serve?2023-02-01T13:55:45-05:00

Indeed, our services to our seniors and their families are completely FREE of charge and with no obligation.  Residences rely on us to refer individuals who are well-suited to their service offerings and environments and who will be happy and thrive with them.   We are therefore compensated by the network of private residences, for our successful referrals to them.